"Once we installed the geomoto technology into our vehicles, our customer satisfaction and profit margin went up dramatically. The geomoto product paid for itself within the first month!"
- Terry Bruno
Easily Track Your Trucks & Assets
20+ reports available to increase your route and fleet productivity.


Where have they been? Did they speed?

You'll see a "breadcrumb" showing the last 25 "blips". And you can track your trucks back 30 days, or even download the history. Each blip also shows how fast they were going. Use it to improve routes and slow your drivers down.

Vehicle Tracking History
GPS Tracking Reports

Where did they stop? For how long?

Our Stop Report gives you that information for the last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. Need to see exactly what that address was, zoom in with the Satellite View. If your driver says he was at lunch for 25 minutes, you'll really know for sure.


Are they costing me money by idling too much?

Know where your drivers are idling and for how long. Optimize your fuel efficiency and labor costs by knowing how long your vehicles are sitting idle with the engine running.

Fuel Efficiency Tracking

Geomoto Premium Application Reporting


Driver Behavior Tracking

Geomoto proactively sets-up Dashboard reporting and Driver Scorecards that are automatically emailed to customers weekly.

  • Highlight fleet performance
  • Each driver gets graded in categories
  • Easy customizable grading system
  • Compare drivers to fleet average
  • Set goals to measure success

Driver Scorecard

Driver Scorecard


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