"Once we installed the geomoto technology into our vehicles, our customer satisfaction and profit margin went up dramatically. The geomoto product paid for itself within the first month!"
- Terry Bruno
Custom Fleet/Asset Notifications
Alarms and alerts are easily set-up to instantly send notifications if
anything out of the ordinary happens. Safety is paramount.


Geofence notifications

Want to know when someone reaches their destination? Or when they return? Or is there someplace you do NOT want your drivers going? Set a "geofence" and get notified by email.

GPS Tracking Alerts
GPS Speed Tracking

Speed notifications

You can set a specific speed limit and be notified when your vehicles exceed this speed. Keep your drivers and other drivers safe on the road.

Geomoto Premium Application Notifications

Unauthorized use Notifications

Know where your trucks are 24/7 - anytime, anywhere. Instantly get notified(email or text) if a truck is used after-hours.

GPS Text Alerts