"Once we installed the geomoto technology into our vehicles, our customer satisfaction and profit margin went up dramatically. The geomoto product paid for itself within the first month!"
- Terry Bruno

GPS Fleet/Asset Tracking Featues

GPS Tracking Device
Geomoto brings you the easiest GPS tracking installation in the marketplace. Our fleet tracking device fits in the palm of your hand and plugs directly into the OBD port of your vehicle. No professional installation or tools are required. Semi truck fleet? Geomoto has you covered with our hard-wired version.

After you've completed the installation of the geomoto tracking device, you'll be able to instantly access our web-based GPS asset tracking software. Know where your drivers are, where they've been, how long they've been idling, and much more all from an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Not only is the Geomoto system easy to use, it's extremely affordable with no hidden fees.

GPS Asset Tracking Software
Vehicle Routing Software

Destination / Find Nearest Vehicle Feature (a Geomoto Premium Feature)

Quickly find the closest vehicle to an address or geofence then, easy dispatch a specific vehicle. Send directions via SMS / text message to driver. Get instant updates on vehicle arriving at a job site or their ETA.


Driver Scorecard (a Geomoto Premium Feature)

Uses an easily customizable grading system that grades each driver in categories.

Driver Behavior Software

Standard Features

  • Fleet overview screen to view all vehicles
  • Trip and vehicle path reporting
  • Detailed readings report
  • Stops overview to review planned and unplanned vehicle stops
  • Speed tracking to helps prevent violations and increase safety
  • Idling and extended run reporting to prevent fuel waste
  • Custom geofences to ensure vehicles are in the correct areas
  • Placemarks to add greater efficiency to dispatching
  • Geofencing virtual boundaries custom set
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management easily scheduled
  • Alarms and Alert notifications
  • 11+ reports available to increase your route and fleet productivity

Premium Features - includes all Standard Features plus:

  • SMS Texting notifications available
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management easily scheduled. 20+ service items selectable
  • Alarms and Alert notifications emailed to you on a regular scheduled interval
  • Unauthorized truck use, instantly notifies you via texting or email
  • 20+ reports available to increase your route and fleet productivity
  • Driver Scorecard - grades each driver in categories
  • Dashboard reports automatically sent to your email on a scheduled internal

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